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In May of 2016, Kirkland Law began representing companies in the marijuana space which grew over the course of a year to be the primary focus of the firm. As of July of 2019, Eric Kirkland of Kirkland Law has been the lead attorney on 28 private placements that have raised $260 million for marijuana and hemp companies from several hundred family offices and private equity firms. The size of the offerings ranged from $1 million to $91 million.

Kirkland Law provides general counsel services to the vast majority of its clients that include the following services:

• Represent companies in a wide variety of private financing transactions including equity, secured debt, convertible debt, debt with equity kickers, and participatory interests based transactions.

• Form private equity funds including filing with FINRA and state regulators.

• Represent cannabis investors.

• Successfully obtained numerous cannabis permits/licenses including finishing first in a competitive licensing application process in California.

• Provide regulatory counsel for hemp and marijuana businesses in numerous states across the US.

• Provide trademark counsel in the cannabis space.

• Assist clients with a wide range of legal matters including employment issues, licensing agreements, joint venture transactions, investor relations, and general corporate matters.

• Serve as a Fractional CFO to cannabis clients, taking clients from shoebox financial records to certified public audits. Advise on Section 280E tax strategies and represent cannabis clients in IRS audits.

Kirkland Law has worked with many leading companies within the cannabis space in both the US and Canada. Eric Kirkland spoke at the institutional investor day at the 2018 MJBizCon convention in Las Vegas, investment banker conferences and podcasts focused on the cannabis space, at family office cannabis summits, and at attorney only conventions looking to gain insight to the rapidly evolving hemp and marijuana space.

The cannabis space is evolving rapidly and is becoming more legally demanding. Kirkland Law takes a pragmatic business approach to assist clients with their legal needs and puts them on a solid legal foundation including regulatory and SEC compliance, corporate governance, and tax structure, and legal issues that affect operations including protecting trade secrets and intellectual property rights. The financial transactions in the cannabis space are rapidly increasing in size and are requiring more sophisticated forms of financing including convertible secured debt transactions, tax-motivated financing, and investments tied to corporate governances and preferential payouts. Kirkland Law is adept at handling all financing structures from a small seed round to the eight-figure financing deals with inter-creditor components.

If you are looking for comprehensive representation from a cannabis attorney for your cannabis business or are an investor looking for insightful due diligence assistance to evaluate a potential cannabis investment, please give us a call and let us show you how we can help you accomplish your goals.

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